Train Ride

The train is leaving
The final call is echoing throughout the station
“Wait… WAIT!!!!!” I scream bitterly
After all the work that went into my trust
You’re just going to leave me??
After all the hell that almost turned me into dust
You’re going to attempt to shush me??
The whistle pierces the air
The exhaust streamlines in a deathly tail
I see myself in the toxic fumes…
The vehicle to my destination is killing me
I race up the steps, but it is already pulling away
I kick rocks, and utter every curse I know to say
“So this is the cost of belief?”
Oh the irony….
Darkness binds us all, and so even the blind can see
The next train is not far off
But my anger has knocked me off
I stroll sullenly out of the station
There stands those who believed in me waiting
Urging me to go back and ride my train
I argue with them about the inherent futility in that suggestion
My trust is broken… But slowly being repaired
Now I’m arguing with both them and myself
Perhaps it is time yet again to battle this fear…..

~The Wordsmith


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