Feet, feet, so many feet
A universal fraternity stomping down the street
Some are fresh, but most are horrid and smelly
Take one whiff, it wrinkles your face, and turns your legs to jelly
Sneakers, high tops, flats, and all manner of coverings
The reason our feet can’t breathe is because we are smothering
Runnning, walking, jogging, hopping
Feet get such a workout, but it doesn’t show on the whole body
A beautiful woman with beautiful feet
So lovely… so lovely…
A beautiful woman with hades feet
No comment… Love is the thing 😉
Some have fetishes, on both sides of the fence
Some absolutely abhor it, and for others it’s a strong preference
If feet fell in love, they would have stout hearts
Because two left feet would live worlds apart
If feet ever revolted, humanity would be maimed
Even if we cut them off – we still lose the game
Feet… feet… so many feet…
So many precious, short, big, sweaty, miscellaneous feet…
If you drink something today – pour some out for the feet.

~The Wordsmith


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