Odd Anguish

The air palpitates with sorrow and the sky sniffles…
The trees attempt to remain upright
But the gusts of grief lay them low…
Ignorantly the people walk around…
Oblivious to the tears thinly veiled behind the clouds…
The atmosphere takes a shuddering breath
And the seas wave to the shore…
The clouds have lost their silver and are now lined with death
And the control that was, is, no more…
The rains fall.
One after the other.
Showers of pain cleanse the air…
The overflow of angst needing, but lacking urgent care…
No one looks after nature
No one takes the time to nurture
Life encompasses but excludes its most base element
Ignoring the greatest need, like denial of the pink elephant
And so – pain ensues
The earth becomes subdued
Lost in a muse
The agony builds until the tears can no longer stay veiled from view…
And the rains fall…
The rains fall…

~The Wordsmith


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