The Launch

I wont stop, I cant stop, I’m so relentless
Unstoppable force is me, Jedi what is this
Pause for a moment, open up and listen
Quantum of solace through Christ, 007 on this mission
Wine for the soul, and yes I am The Wordsmith
Poems, stories, and verses, yes sir I word this
Word to the Alpha, to whom I give my worship
Without His higher power, I’d just drown on the word ship
8 bars down, and 8 bars to go
Free style poems are my thing, but this is a new road
Goin full speed at night, cant afford to go slow
Im already at the top – ya’ll just lookin from below
So let me stunt your wonderin, its funner than under
Standing, gunnin for your other, no mutters or stutters
This here marks the launch of poems to a cadence
I’m spreading my wings, gonna own the whole English language

~The Wordsmith


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