The bass so heavy they callin me fishy
Upper case lifestyle, call me shifty
I save money don’t waste it cuz I’m so thrifty
Clownin on this beat cuz I’m so silly
Accelerated poetry, that’s what this is
Rhymes at a quick clip, automatic spit
Your ear’s on the hitlist, assassin wordsmith
New life under lyrics, that’s my gift
So go ahead and open, unwrap it
KO’d the rap battle, tapped out to this
Heels three clicks, Genie free wish
Ain’t nothing you can do to bring this greatness to an end
Tic tac toe, three in a row to win
Here I go, every stop’s a new begin
Related to phenomenal, outstanding is my kin
Making crazy awesome noise, cuz I live in the din

~The Wordsmith


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