I was on my wind breaker life, zippin up

Captain of the coolest, nobody could stop us

Anything not great would vanish when we showed up

And anything that’s hot would simply blow up

Straighter than an arrow on a geo ray line

Started from point of birth, goes past the end of time

Tweetin so much life, that I killed my timeline

And I aint even mention the pounds of dollar signs

Cast my hook out – and caught some attention

Lucifer was trippin, cuz life was in my livin

Hustlin like a mug, but steady cold chillin

He smirked at me and proceeded to choke me on my winnings

The gale force didn’t knock me down, but it did lift me up

Got so high on me, I forgot God, the team, and trust

Sometimes the distractions are the ampin of our passions

Chaff in the wind, double minded man, call it inertia



~The Wordsmith


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