Breaks Will Break You

I didn’t do anything today.

I watched movies as they watched me, and in my head I was moving, but I knew I was not really.  I spent the day recovering from a power packed weekend, which is ironic then, because at its end I had no power my friend.  Indeed no more power than a baby bird in a tree.  I had every desire to achieve certain things, but today I heeded the unctions of my psyche.  Then my emotions tried spite to me, and my purpose tried to fight me.   God kept His arms poised and inviting, and down at my heel Satan was viciously biting.  Needless to say I wasn’t feeling the turmoil.  This was supposed to be my rest like a massage with warm oil, but I guess that was a bad equation because my plans wound up foiled, fully fooling me into thinking I was a fool.  Hm.  Depression loomed, threatening to consume, and I was confused, because I know who I am – the freaking Wordsmith dude!! – so why was I susceptible to the potency of this ruse?  Could it be that a king can never be civilian?  Can never again be a dollar, once you’ve become a million?  Once you have stepped into the light of day, you’ve entered into a grand parade, and cannot walk away, because beyond those borders is nothing but decay.  Faith is a new realm, because you’ve invested time.  You’ve placed your stock in the potential of being broken because to live less than 100% is the ultimate crime.  Next time… Next time… Next time, time will serve me.  I won’t do nothing.  There won’t be a second act to this play… But the fact still remains –

I did nothing today.



~The Wordsmith


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