Never Should Have Been

I am haunted by the kiss that never should have been…
I am plagued at the Heaven that emerged when we merged lips, turning the upper one at propriety and shaking our fist. We missed. Not even on the guest list. So listless with remiss as I reminisce you’re passionate fragrance, upon my taste buds as I sampled the dove, and partook of love. But now that dove has become a crow, and the play I thought we were in has suddenly become a show and there’s no, one to tell how in our grasp for Heaven we briefly entangled with the flames from Hell.

I am haunted by the kiss that never should have been…

Hanging before my eyes are vivid images, and like a steed led by a carrot stick I follow it to see where it leads only to discover that the destination is nowhere. I cannot locate a where anywhere and I under wear my private sweaters with the pockets holding the love letters because I know that we cannot continue to make ourselves sick on each other and hope to get better. My deepest joy has become my greatest sorrow. My medicine has become the dread poison I chose to swallow. My emotions are ocean flowin with no signs of slowin, and my trepidations are growin, ballon high beyond my reach of pokin and as I look within to regenerate a genuine hope again, I wind up flat on my back – legs marching in the air with no motion.

I am haunted by the kiss that never should have been…

Some lines are not meant to be crossed for then we end up on one, crucified by the very elements which got us lost. Sometimes big deals pose as no big deals, fooling those of us who habitually manufacture our own real, but then when we go in for the kill we are kilt for our false reality generates no more power than a broken windmill. Be still. I command my unctions to be steel, and keep my lips in Nike. My outer me may not like me but my inner me will be so delighted and every piece of me will retain a peace of me, and my vision will let me see for I will no longer be haunted by the darker things…… At least that is my hope. I long for redemption.

For I am haunted by the kiss that never should have been…

~The Wordsmith


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