So I’m waiting.
For what?  I do not know.
Something incredible amazing I guess.
But I wonder – would I recognize it?
Recognize him?  Recognize her?
I’ve lived life behind the shades so long that even a nightlight is blinding…
What am I going to do when the sun comes out?
I need to re-group… Or maybe a different one.
When you’re fixated on the center, it’s hard to tell you’re stuck in a circle.
I have no other conceivable options.
I create rush ways and they fail – often.
Life is curious that way…
You make it what you want it to be, but are then resigned to its pace.
Night MUST follow day.
Starvation eventually follows satiation.
Its a cycle upon which we determine the quality of our health, but cannot change the quality of the health requirement…
So – that being said…
I wait.


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