Free 16

This game ain’t a video, but I’mma star in it

Pick up ya controller if you think you hang wit it

Hang high in the sky, like a planet fitted

Backwards ball cap, lookin cool as you winning

Down, down, up – grab, and then throw

If you throw me down, you end up down below

More heat than Miami, more swag than the Mave

Ricks.  No sweat on my brow, nope only on my lips

Pull out your umbrella, cuz I make it rain when I spit

Slobbin on the beat, hear the words drippin out my lips

Feet pounding with newness, you can call this fresh kicks

Chocolate on this milky world, you can call me Nesquik!

Packin more artillery than the US infantry

On my grown tip, say goodbye to the infant me

I got friends and I got haters, don’t bother with no enemies

And if you try and battle me, you gonna need some DENTISTRY



~The Wordsmith


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