The Unfortunate Sorrow

I waited for you…

I defended you, cried, wrote letters…

But you never came.  You never returned to me.

The darkness is my silence witness, at how your absence slowly drove me witless…


Was I worth nothing?

Oh but out in the city and upon the open road, the love was two-fold, and you boldly rose me like red petals and declared me GOLD…

But like the lack of a sequel there was no return.

Like the first step on a rope stretched tight, or dying without receiving the light – there was no going back.

And I know your back was something you never turned, for a man’s strength was the strength of your concern, but ohhhh this once I wish I could set hand to the past and burn it…

I waited.

I sobbed.

I was strong.

I prayed.

I was FAITHful…

And now…. for nought.

Nothing is the embitterment upon my tongue…

And yet – yet I cannot be angry at you, for even you did not have the power to create life, or restore it….. You could only defend it, until you were separated from it.

I think of you all the time as I lay in my bed….

Wondering always wondering….

If I will be more whole staying on earth and gaining superlative strength –

Or clipping the cord myself and joining you amongst the dead.




~The Wordsmith


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