Letter From The Right Side

The people won’t listen, they put earplugs in their children

They complain about the same, but then they shame the something different

This has gone on for millenia – somehow I still stand

They tryna shake me loose, but I stay on ’em like a wristband

Churches like to debate me, atheists try to play me

Theologians smile and bake me, but it ain’t all gravy!

Got folks pretending I’m dead, and others ignoring

Stripped all my natural sparkle, present me ugly and boring

But that is not what’s true, and I think that I should know

I’m simple to the few, to the masses an overdose

There’s only complexity when what you’re schemin ain’t next to me

Then you feign like there’s an extra me, lying to make the best of me

I have enough power to turn the world upside down dude

Step inside this covenant ring with me.  Sincerely, The Truth



~The Wordsmith


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