Me Vs…

In this life, it doesn’t seem right, but

I’m an army of one.

Stroking to the surface of community, chest heaving, heart about to burst

And I discover that – I’m treading water

Gazing into the reflection of my own face

Torn apart by the ripples bombarding me from their receding waves

So I waved goodbye.

This train is leaving, and it has to no caboose.


The funny thing is – no matter how much danger a lone ranger faces, alone in his anger…

He faces it for the features of his people.

I’m an army of one.

It is me against the world.

Life has betrayed me a dozen times, chance feeds me its filthy lies, and I even been led down the wrong path by my own mind

It’s hard out here

And yet – I hear.

The casualties scream casually at me, blind to what they are really seeing, drowning in the depths of their shallow afflictions, only aware of one thing…

They need a hero

An anomaly.

And far from boasting, for I wish it was not me, they need me and I them, despite the naturally inserted friction.

I was trained for this war, and I can still recall the old soldiers’ wisdom…

Form the mold… or break it – but never become complacent.

I’m a soldier of one.

SomeONE’s gotta get ‘er done…

I could wait, wallow, or defer…

But what was ever gained, by denying oneself?

Helmet strapped, and sword drawn…

Bring it on.



~The Wordsmith


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