Pupil Responsibility

In just one day my eyes cried, because they couldn’t hide from the darkness piercing inside…

My eyes beheld poverty’s despondents

Rested on the backs of the weary

Witnessed the evidence of various abuses

Was stabbed by the force of hopelessness

Winced at the proof of sex trafficking

Marveled at the comfort of enforced societal blindness

Ached searching for a hero

Burned gazing into the sun whose beams pounded down on the waterless

Frantically looked for deliverance for the child soldier

By moons rise, I had contracted a form of desire for Oedipus’ demise, I wanted to stab my own eyes, until the blood ran red.  Gouge out my own vision since all I was using my sight for was blindness anyhow.  But I did not……

Change must come whilst the eyes are open…

But daily as I toil, the sight of that which needs changing, leaves parts of my soul old… and broken.


~The Wordsmith


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