The Nexus

It is the whirlpool of certainty from second guesses
The rest that rejuvenates with more that displaces restlessness
Its a seeding spot, and you WILL come away pregnant
No ignorance.  Just pre-eminence
The first order of business is the vision which your soul has heard but body has yet to listen
Its a mission
All bonded to the book of James, guarding our tongues like it was in prison
But using our tongues to free the slaves from our own liberation
Uniting the state of the world because we’ve already joined the pieces of our inner nation
Its a celebration
It is the marriage of commitment and elation
A force that Jedi find terrible yet precious
It is your true heart’s true message
Look inside to the birthpool of your dreams and you will find….
The Nexus.

~The Wordsmith


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