There’s a war raging but I can’t hear it…
The vibrations rattle me, and I’m postured in case you want to battle me, and I’m tallying the casualties, all while trying to rally-  me.
Sometimes I imagine that I can hear sound, but then something explodes on the ground and I realize my reality was only in my mind…
My clothes are riddled with bullet holes, and my mind with anti-wholes, but for some odd reason on my body it doesn’t show…
If you’re not personal you’ll never know, and you’ll think my miniature life is a result of natural stunted growth..
It sounds morbid, but in this war I wish I would just die, for at least then I’d have some ruler with which to deem my life.  Some authority to clearly show me dark from light…
But the bullets whiz past, and I deflect rocket blasts, all the while wondering-  if I’ve got so much power why can’t I stop my civilian life from bein so bad?
When I’m suited and booted no enemy stands a chance, but take me off the battlegrounds, and its a battle now, just to hold up my pants…
All this… I see.  Continually.  Can’t hear a darn thing….
And when I incline my ear towards Heaven- I intake things of which I cannot speak, but ultimately does nothing for me…
I’m trying to hear so I can win this war and move on…
But it just might be impossible to be tone death and sing the truth song.

~The Wordsmith


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