Things I Never Realized

It’s kind of funny actually… Well not really, but my creative expressions have creatively left me expressionless, to express this revelation that has perched itself upon my heart’s nest.  I’ve been a throne destined knight at this table my entire life, ruled by an iron-fisted king, blessed with a queen he didn’t deserve, who mimed life for me the way she embodied a wife.  She was the light.  She represented right.  Her life was proof that peace could dissolve a fight, that there was always a higher path like the flight lane of a kite, and that the pen WAS mightier than the sword… Her keen mind was possessed of gifted sight.  And I love her.  I call her mother… But – there were things I never realized…

It’s like being raised your entire life on the principles of addition and subtraction, and although it’ll get the job done, it becomes like bad medicine – it’s not fast actin.  But then an angel arose from the mists.  God raised up a special being with special gifts.  This, impossibly powerful being came through the shadows, and so I shadowed it, waiting to employ my mathematical judgement… but then – she taught me multiplication… And division.  And even though she never said a word to me, I learned these principles vicariously, because I was watching how she was livin.  It was consistent.  A fast learner who practiced without preaching, but still managed to somehow deliver the sermon.  I was a cloud who had discovered the ability to rain, the old timer who learned the stability of a cane, I was amazed, at the things I never knew… The things I never realized.

I saw how she cherishes her husband – and how he cherishes her back.  Pause…… Nowadays WHERE do you SEE that?  She caters to him, she learns him, she is the epitome of dedication… With her life she pours so much into his wineskins that he is continuously over flowing… You can hear it in his voice.  Hear it in his eyes.  Hear it in the tender undertones that lace his goodbyes.  This was radical.  I’d never SEEN that before… I mean my mother had done it, but a fraction without reciprocity equates to the necessity for more – which there was not.  Now when I see women, I start to think about this angel….

I never realized that I was an odd shape like geometry, and that it would take a tailored shape to complement me, but through the lens of this angel I can clearly see, and when I interact with my own beauty… They are reminiscent of each other.  Like snowflakes they are similar because they are unique, and the way the Lord has fashioned their minds to handle the way my kind thinks is remarkable…. Yes, it’s true that at present my mother is my number one queen, but YOU embody things she never could… And they are good.  And when I recognize beloved patterns, they remind me of you.  You’ve become the bar.  The standard.  Simply through being who God has made you, you’ve changed the prose of my life into witty banter… And I am grateful.

Thank you for opening my eyes…

Thank you for being the internal shine of light…

Thank you for exposing me to –

The things I never realized……


~The Wordsmith


This is dedicated in loving appreciation, respect, awe, and well wishes/blessings to a super wife, and wonder mom – who also triples as my incredible, amazing, Big Sister – Natoya Evans.


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