The Best

My God’s love is the best, sturdy unlike all of the rest, its-
The most glorious experience I’ve ever known, He X-Rayed me with His grace, and then forgave me to the bone…
I’m home.
Home is where the heart is-  or so they say.
But for arguments sake, I’ll claim what they say, and say that my home is Heaven because that’s where true love’s true source doth lay…
My mother, my grandfather, play cousin, best friend, and all other namesakes etched upon the mantlepiece of my heart…
They-  may have had an unavoidable appointment with the grave, and although my heart feels lost I know that Jesus saved, so-
Heaven is my home.
You see-  though throughout this earth I may roam, I have resisted my natural intuition to persecute Christians because I myself have been forgiven…
Its changed my livin…
This world is thirsty for quenching, but never receives it because salt water is what they sippin….
I don’t worry about theology, or those smarter than me, or the ins and outs of logics topography…
Because you see-  before I knew anything….
Love knew me.
So that’s all that I speak.
The roots run deep….
Watered by His blood and sown in my iniquity, stronger than hatred and completely all enduring….
My God’s love is the best…
Mostly because He is THE God…
Unique and synonymous…
And simply-
The best.


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