The 4th of July Freestyle

So we celebrate our firecrackers with independence
We celebrate our jails, by givin a life sentence
We use our knowledge, to uphold ignorance
We use the power of love to harbor unforgiveness
The diligent are killin it, but when they reel it in
They see the reel ain’t real, an empty movie with no credits
Mark it on the checklist.  Are we now in debt yes.
Over weight, public disgrace- we’re so precious
But here on this 4th of July I have a message
An anchor, a buoy, to save life from amid the wreckage
We gotta get our spines back, and remember to never turn em
Gotta get our kind back, and remember to never burn em
Today let’s walk in freedom, and have true independence
Toast to the new you to the explosions in the distance
And everything you learned today, don’t you ever forget it
Because freedom ain’t worth jack, if we deny our independence

~The Wordsmith


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