The Taste of Love

Its sweet.
I do not know if you have ever had the express pleasure of sampling love’s delectable treats, but….
It is sweet.
Although the prismatic effect denies men their rest as they seek to describe the multi-colored beauty of love the best… it is simple.
And it is sweet.
It is that rare treat that satisfies your teeth sweet, and simultaneously revives and makes you healthy..
It is- the most valuble possession of humanity, and can even make beggars wealthy…
It is sweet.
It is like a cup full of the drops that fly out from Heaven’s waterfalls…
It is unremarkable yet enchanting to the eye, and injects hope into the hopeless goodbyes…
It is sweet.
It is- so sweet that it has altered the very seasoning of eternity…
Removed the taste of bitterness and given everyone something for which to be yearning…
It is so precious as to be undeserved..
But by the favor of God I have tasted and I have learned…
That love- is sweet.

~The Wordsmith


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