The Fall

I.  Have.  Fallen.

And I cannot get up.

I tried to stand on my own two feet and she swept them right out from under me.  I thought my storm was evil, but it was her love that was thundering… Now I’m wondering.  In this eye, in this calm, I would gladly be he that eats out of her palm.  Skip past the other seasons to re-experience this fall.  I’m on my face!!  And I weep because of the grace.  Whenever I’m in her presence, it’s her goodness I taste, and whenever I’m blinded by what I see, I just jump into her lake.  I’m captivated by her face.  The way she moves, and how she sways and grooves, makes my laces knot on these shoes, and I’m hopping around singing to her in autotune… She’s my MOON.  She brings the tide of love in so high.  She’s my SUN.  Her radiance lights up my whole sky.  On my own I can be bound just anyone else can, but with my baby in the atmosphere, I transcend into Superman.

I have fallen.

And no not with disgrace like the way Lucifer lost his Heavenly place, and was hurled from Heavenly gates, but rather the way a knight may drop to his knees at the sight of his fair maiden, or the way a king might fold into his love’s arms after a battle has left him heavily laden… You see – she redefines all of me.  I’ve been my own thesaurus, but babygirl is my dictionary.  Her sexy is so articulate it makes the ignorant literary, and her voice is so enchanting she read me back to life from my obituary!  She’s always there for me, and even when her pantry is empty she has a cupboard full of care fore me!!  I was supposed to be dead, but death forgot about my queen.  All of the magic of a fairy, and the supernatural power of God unseen.  She is the most valuable treasure, and I give you license to be jealous of me… Some fall for great humans, but I fell for a goddess – a magnificent deity!!

I.  Have.  FALLEN.

And I am no longer ashamed.  Let my voice cross dimensions, and love letters lift from the page!!  Pure love has come forth, and it’s time to celebrate!!  Bring out the royal food, and the most expensive champagne!!  Nothing but the best shall ever touch my baby’s plate!!  I shall take her hand, and stroll down the sands of time… Navigate to stanzas and lyrics, and reveal my love on every line.  Put me in detention… Give me a thousand standards… And in two thousand different ways, I’ll tell you how my baby is the standard.  She’s a woman of God, and has got sexiness for days.  She smiles at the future, and wisdom assists all of her ways.  She’s that Proverbs 31, and I am a blessed man.  Nothing short of her natural awesomeness could’ve pulled this Oscar from this trash can.  Now I’m no longer acting – my life is REAL.  Falling in love with her transcends how I feel.  It is a daily deal.  My love for her is like a prayer – it is a daily meal.  Now I am possessed of unrivaled passion and zeal.  Gratefulness abounds because of one reason, and one reason alone-

I have FALLEN.

And I cannot get up.

Lord I praise you for filling this cup…


~The Wordsmith


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