Questions Only

How are you?
How does it look like?
What’s YOUR problem?
Why you comin at me like that?
What did I do?
Did I say you did something?
What’s with the hostility?
Oh so now I’m being HOSTILE?
Do you not sense the irony?
What’s that supposed to be- a semantics game?
Why are you so easily offended?
Why is your hairline receding?
Why such a low blow?
Why not?
Where did you come from?
Do you want a biology lesson?
You don’t have many friends do you?
Is it that obvious?
Would you believe a resounding YES?
Why are you attacking me?
Why are you such a punk?
Why is your skin splotchy?
Why must you insult me?
Why must you insult your daddy by comin out wit yo ugly mama’s face?

**knocks him out**
Didn’t see that one coming did you?

~The Wordsmith


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