When Lovers Meet

She woos him.  Gently calling his name, any number of ways, ranging between the blood igniting, the mundane, and the arcane… But from her lips the arcane is ok because it brings to mind the old days of the love made… She knows this.  She is in tune to his every tune, and before he opens his mouth she has already plucked his heart strings and bitten into the love fruit.

She smiles as he says “I love you,” and closes her eyes in delight as as he leans into towards her bite and licks off the love juice…  From her eyes she reaches into his soul like a rainbow arc through a waterfall, and at her laughter the angels sing and there’s an alter call, calling all lovers down to the front.  She purses her lips to massage his cheeks, hands intertwined, synchronized in mind, she feels him tremble knowing that the force of her presence makes his knees weak.  Like the promise of the lottery, she is such a tease, and as she smiles coyly she lets him know that he already has the winning numbers… He made HER not his one, but his only- and he himself is hotter than summer.

He tenderly lets her have her way, knowing that she alone possesses the proper gps.  His being is a rare state, and baby girl is his mapquest.  She knows the map best.  His topography navigated by her fingers passed the road test, and on the road he rose a rose and placed it in her hair.  Returned her lip nibblings and traced over her shoulders the passion of his love, and signed it with care…

Even as she deploys her womanly charms, and brings fervent tingling to his arms, he knows exactly where the hot spots are that’ll ring her alarm.  He paints a portrait of her with his palm- following the contour of her cheeks, grazing her lips, shadowing the lines of her neck off the diving board where it dips…

He gives a low chuckle that brings the sparks into her eyes.  The very same sparks that cause them to live in a flux of continuity for they can never bear to say goodbye… With every sharp breath intake, and exhale of her name- He makes her his Eve.  She affirms him as Adam, suspended in passionate desire, and in every squeeze, he can sense her NEED… And he’s addicted.

When lovers meet, the sky is torn apart and put back together again.  Hell turns up a few degrees and there is a gust of wind that bursts through Heaven.  No room for regrettin.  No concept of being lessened.  When the ones meet and greet their multiplication overcomes division… Uniting the whole city because even the neighbors have to listen..!

When lovers meet, they board an unstoppable train that can never go off track, and as they end their chorus the hook takes them right on back… and they sing again.  When lovers meet, there is joy- never a lament.  Be it kiss or eye glance, the world pauses its rotation for the divinity of this one of a kind romance, knowing that this moment cannot simply be skipped- it must be immortalized.  Look on God’s wall of fame, and you’ll see this epic storyline… The tree completes, and the three become one- future, present, and history- only…

When lovers meet.

~The Wordsmith


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