Free 16

Lily skippin like a lady, fat, singin, but not shady
You keep on hesitating, stuck on your maybe
But where did that get you?  Can you, see truth?
Can you slam it out the park- haha- babe ruth?
Do you have her dedication or do you dessert?
Chasing the sweeter things, relinquishing your worth?
You been like this from birth, its time to change
Take the picture out the glass, its time to reframe
Every sidewalk crack, and every spiny back
Could snap- you could have a heart attack
Are you ready for that?  Your life steady for that?
Take your head out the dugout and get ready to bat
Get up on deck, and yo get ready to swab it
I promise, if the ship goes down
It’ll be all your fault.  Call it math-aquatics
If you don’t self resolve you’ll drown in all your problems

~The Wordsmith


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