One Moment

I wish for one moment I could step out of these shoes…
Get some jazz spice in my life and stop crying these blues…
Im on the outside.
And I wish for one moment I could just come in.
Wish I could stop being different.
Wish I could trade in for YOUR upbringing, and have elements for conversation.
I wish…
For one moment…
Just for a taste.
Of the glory days, of the former ways, of the contentment of regularity and bein the sheep that strays…
Can you make it happen?
Is there a class I can take, a master under whom to train?
My eye and my mind have become my greatest assets, in assessing this deficit, and pushing me further into this crevice…
I am me.
Wholly, incredibly, joyfully and irrevocably.
… but for just one moment I wish I could be you.
These woes wow me, but if I had your shoes then it’d be okay to doubt me without anyone clowning me, but because of this mantle- I am stuck.
Most days I am fine… there are no shadows.
But far too often I number the dust in my pocket while they number their dollars in gold…
Too often my mouth fills with words but is sucked off into the vaccuum of your overwhelming normalcy.
Its true.
This yearning inside is like there’s a you somewhere in there that I’m trying to return to…
I wish…
Just for one moment…
I could lift this burning burden of being who I am.

~The Wordsmith


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