Eyes In the Sky

The ozone.

The layer of deadly protection.

We cannot breathe it, and we are doomed not to breathe without it.

It is a shield of toxic fumes… The fire that surrounds the pan…

Only a fool would dive into it.

And only a fool’s fool would put a hole in it, and YET-

Sad day.

Acid rain, and earth decay will turn humanity into a bowl of cereal- lifeway.

We’re throwing our life away…

Rose thorns.

The armed guard of the garden’s queen.

No unworthy hand, or foolish knave shall touch her.

Even the greatest among royals will prick their fingers if imprudent.

A crown is not enough.

A titl can be misspelled easily enough…

Then what do you have?

Even if you manage to strip the fair lady of her guards…

You will only wind up with a hand full of woman’s scorn.

You think you have taken her dignity when actually-

You merely forfeited yours.

Every system has a defense…

Every defense is for our benefit…

But then you try and tweet life hacks-

And the world corroding sin, corrupts everything you’ve been given.


~The Wordsmith



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