Speech > Thought

Favor.  Favor.  Favor.

Been thinking negative thoughts all day…

But when I open my mouth to speak, whatever I’m thinking ceases, and what I’m speaking-

Establishes my reality.

Favor.  Favor.  Favor.

Life.  Life.  Life.

Peace.  Peace.  Peace.

Neither my mind, nor the darkness within will get the best of me…..

No matter how many times I am broken-

Despair won’t get the rest of me.

Favor.  Favor.  Favor.

Hope.  Hope.  Hope.

I was taught to despise the man who calls himself my enemy…

Trained to assassinate the friend that is too friendly…

I obeyed because I saw as through a window dimly…

The light was dark.

Favor.  Favor.  Favor.

Love.  Love.  Love.

Life.  Life.  Life.

They say mind over matter, because if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter, but the matter will mind you if you don’t put the matter on a platter.  The mind is over it, like the knife over a sacrifice, but until you make that stab, the matter still has life- and runs yours.  Mind over matter, and speech over mind.  Subject your thoughts to positivity, and greatness, and say it outloud to keep that mind in line.

Favor.  Life.  Peace.  Hope.  Love.


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