Free 32

Ay what you thinkin?  Fall back homie

I am the authentic.  Thats right, the real thing.

You might find yourself alive if you try and kill me

My cup already runneth over, so you can’t spill me

But sit here a spell.  And weave your magic on my mind

You can’t touch me, I’m divine, but please- try

Sell me your product, and multiply your lies

Derail me with false conduct, and try to make me cry

I’m looking in your mind.  Yessir I’m Xavier.

And you’ve been exed man, because of your enmity

Attempting to crush me because you see me as your enemy but

TRUE power comes at that point between rage and serenity

It seems so surreal, that power isn’t serene

But I tell you it’s the truth, just like yo in-laws are mean

Cook a pot of beans.  Digest and excrete.

And in the fumes of the aftermath admit your defeat


I don’t wanna burst your bubble, but all I know is, that I got to

We are breaking from the huddle, to get in formation so we can break you

Blitz your quarterback, take it to the bank, we done flipped your fish in that tank

We stayed electrified, something like crank, see us on our knees, it’s God we thank

Ha…. So I hope by now, you’ve listened to me, and learn that lesson

Because a secondary course would probably be depressin

Now you need medicine.  Now you need benefits.  Because wisdom’s scrubs you wouldn’t fit

You sick of this?  Get rid of it.  Unball your fists, and have a sit

I mean a seat.  Homie please.  I’m tired of hangin my adversaries from trees

I would much rather sit down with you and drink some coffee

The alternative is that you strike me, and I end up killin you softly

Or slowly.  Unholy.  Separating your life from its molding

So the moral.  Of this story.  Is don’t squeeze the hand you’re holding

Do not torch the jungle and think that you ain’t gon’ deal with Mowgli

Dude got so much attitude he could star in a Tyler Perry story

Goodnight on you.  I’m higher than you.  You can call me the morning glory


~The Wordsmith


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