No Title

I won’t mince with many words or elaborate paragraphs…

I’ll make my strike directly – no telegraphs

You’re a heart break coach who benched me midgame

Left me in suspension as I transitioned to give you my name

Soon as you spoke those words my earth dissolved away, and for 5 long seconds…….

I was clinically insane.

If you did not want this picture, then why did you let me frame it?

You yelled out “free willie!!” but walked away with me still in the tank…

Why draw close, and sooth my defenses like a masseuse, when drawing away to help your own self is what you planned to do?

Got me alternating between feeling foolish and not feeling at all, I stay filled on the familiar bittersweet taste of blood in my mouth when my love takes a fall…

The heart beat rings the familiar call…

And next time I will not answer.

Because heartbreak is only cute for so long….. and then it turns into cancer.



~The Wordsmith



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