Why is it that when life is coming at you like a rocket in reverse, that we let our lives reverse and make a beeline for death?  What part of the game is that?  What part of authentic strength opts for weakness when it’s optics have proved weaker?

Depression is a beast.

But today I reconciled with a remedy, by forging a treaty with an old enemy… Instead of allowing depression to embrace me, I will take the assortment of emotion that is plaguing, and use it as payment for anger.  Don’t get depressed- get angry.  At least under the mantle of anger there is a form of power and efficacy, no more weakness effin with me, it’s a delicacy to taste the fruits of progression when all my trees are rewinding me…

Anger is a temporary, almost universal solvent.

Absolute anger corrodes absolutely, and partial anger unveils the ab tight need for love and clarity of direction.  I have a suspicion that anger was designed to battle preventable injustice, and came with a kill switch, because there’s a sweet delight in killin, and love is the remedy and the cure to heal the upheaval that anger can cause… Now I’m preaching to myself.  I guess I’m the choir.  But then again I suppose I wouldn’t be giving advice to you birds if I wasn’t seeking some way to fly even higher…


Ending on a single high note like an opera, I hope you hop and er uh, take it to heart and then uh, make a change in your life… and write me about it.


Not the dream of it- the practice.


~The Wordsmith


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