Color Me Calm

I’m sorry, but…

I’ve got to let you go.

If I don’t you’ll kill me slow like getting sat on by a sumo.

I can’t sit and sue no mo, I’ve got to clip this cord- solo.

I don’t want your advice, don’t wanna see you in the night, and if I catch you in my dreams I’ll be your nightmare til the light…

Of day.

We had a great time- so much so that the ticks forgot what we were tockin about.

We surpassed earthly limits with the words coming out our mouths…

But then you started hooking me like some street walking trout, and I swore I’d never let nobody pimp me, but that’s all that you’re about.

You played up doubts, and isolated my flaws, flooring me with your logic, capturing me with your jaws.

You sly dog, you really had me in your paws, but I got the magic to slit Santa claws, and I’m leaving you frozen in the fro-zone, all ice cold like Alaskan polos…

I relinquish thee, and give out free for free…

For the only path to self liberty, is liberating my enemy…

I see that now.

People… I let them know.

YOU- I let you go.

And now I win decks for my soul, enjoying new company like dollar presidents around a pole…


Yep, I never fail to leave ’em slack jawed, learned that from my grandpop, hitch em to amazing by using shock and awe…

Welp I love that my enemies are still living,

Which means I’ve begun forgiving…

So long, this has been a long ending…

Unforgiveness- we’re DONE.


~The Wordsmith


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