Neo’s Breath (200th Celebration)


The single most powerful word any reality has ever heard.  The witlessness of my wit’s whimsical witness, causes me to stumble.  Where I would be strong to rumble, I am made falsely humble… I bumble, being the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted but not the most spectacular thing I was made for.  So here I am- caught betwixt two realities, in need of a twix to pause reality, one of them beguilingly promising sincerity, whilst the other gives no guarantee other than a face to face meet with my destiny… But I’ve trained myself to be vegetarian.  I don’t wanna start any beef with anybody by being too radical, so I COWer, and disguise my words as edible,  knowing that upon further examination it’s just a bunch of fluff.  Just… a bunch… of FLUFF.  I know the truth is that, the instant I rationalize to try stopping, I’ve decided to try dying for life is the only thing that continues… Death- is, and is no more.


I put my hand to the plow and then look back for a compliment, next instant I’m a condiment, or better yet a condom- insulated protection against the great life that was SUPPOSED to come…  I struggle not against flesh and blood, but against the demon assigned to my mind… He says that at the cresto he’ll pay me back, but I know he’s a kleptomaniac, I fire shots of expresso in an attempt to take ME back, but he just laughs…… I’m following dollar signs and white rabbits, new hopes and bad habits, hoping to get a burger bite as I walk in the sky.  I’m a man starving for fulfillment, I’m a filament with no light.  Told the power to conquer is within, but I must deny that gift, because if my awareness rises then I must live… If my awareness rises then I must live…  Right when I’ve acquiesced for fourth best, and settled for living dead, also known as living deadly, my world flipped upside down when I ingested the good news and it spawned deliverance in belly.  My legs are turning to jelly, guess I butter learn to peanut, be innovative, and serve the sands of time new whiches like a deli.  New ways of doing, giving, and being delivered… As I was.  De-livered… I had vital organs replaced in me.


I’m in the final stages of drastic metamorphosis, dueling the Emperor that’s ruled my world every moon since the day I was born.  A horridly beautiful dance in my weakening cocoon- what a fool.  Why is that the old won’t let up even when the new is about to erupt and pierce it in two?  ….. Probably because we despair and let that which always was run us through… That was me too.  Fighting the good fight, but fighting by regular rules.  Sweating, puffing, out of breath, blood wounds starting to drool, and then- the fatal shots rang out.  I slid down the wall, and collapsed to the ground… Silent on the outside, but inside was the loudest sounds… of Trinity.  The love of the Trinity gave shape and redefined me, telling me to believe in me, the beloved was in love with me, now stand up and fight and go take hold of your destiny!!  I opened my eyes- and I was on my feet.  Those demons that plagued me hissed like hellfire leeches, spitting their darts of doubt and- NO.  I eyed every single doubt, and fear- took a moment to marvel that such trifles used to make me quiver- then I plummeted every one of them to the ground.  I raced up to the leader- my childhood enemy- leapt inside of him and reclaimed my identity.

I dissolved his existence by exulting in mine…

I saw the TRUE state of things as I opened my eyes…

Now I could be help… Help others pass their test…

All one need do is see your you and accept- and if your universe protests?

Just smile- and take a neo breath.


~The Wordsmith


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