Birth of a Hero

I was so dark.  Plus a black man.  I called me the Shadow Man.

Stealing goods from others, because mine were in the trash can

But I was no grouch.  Hustler, no slouch.  All legs- no couch.

I was restless, no VIP to peace for me, just the guest list

I chucked the deuces, cuz truth is, such a nuisance, the proof is

All in the pudding buried down so deep, I drowned King Triton at the bottom of the sea

Then with his trident tried to triple pay me, I had too many layers he couldn’t phase me

But I sabered him…Like ALL Jedi will do to ANY trekkies…

Yes I digress.  I was such a mess.  Best dressed for likely to be not blessed

The stress was stroking upstream in my life, my will was gettin clowned, was gettin creamed in my mind

But honey how could this be, I was supposed to be oh so divine

Gettin ticked at what my efforts were tockin about, not enough time to do what my mouth was talkin about

… The plug came out of- my bathroom drain.

… My brains just flowed out- Wordsmith- there goes my name.

A prisoner, tweet pound “pow,” lock me up inside this cage

Made a promise to God- If I should ever break out, I’ll detail how on EVERY stage


I’ll spit truth with frequency on EVERY wave, take my candle into EVERY cave

Be a knight amidst these knaves then raise these blinders off these braves

Cuz in the end these Indians are dependent on we in sin

And we just get ’em liquored up, got more problems?  I got another cup

But no more, that plane has flown, that ship has sailed, good bye be gone

And woe be un, to any of you nifty shifties who against me I’m like, silly really?

That’s really silly.  Beverly Hillbillies trying to assault my throne, gon’

And lost they mind, but I found it.  Back down homie, I’m the twilight zone

The pressure pressed me.  Out came a diamond.  Lyrically shinin.  Stuntin when I’m rhymin

It’s kind of- like I’m a whole different me, differential equations but equaling out to me

That was a math pun.  I’m a freaking English major, but when you’re one of God’s players you go from manger to Savior

From Hater to Thanker, and yes I know that’s not a word, but I creatively articulate creations burnin tradition with my fir!!

… I had to breath God’s grace.  Mother Teresa – be God’s grace.

… Thanks to the Alpha’s 3, internally, I get to see God’s face

Ex the old man, this is the evolution, bring down the babble, holy confusion

Adele aint the only one startin rumors, rumor has it this is a revoLUTION


~The Wordsmith


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