I started off small.  Down near the ground… I was a child

Taco Bell, hot not mild, legal, no papers on file

Kirk Franklin at McDonalds, badabababa I love to smile

Telepath like Xavier, I was an X-Man, I had special powers

My mind was a playground, for the Divine, for so long, thought I was the last of my kind

But then… I grew.  Confronted by what I never knew.

Lost myself and got confused, what use is homeschool in the public dude!!

At least that’s what they told me, FOOL, is what I let them turn me into

Now I’m two halves.  Walking around.  Born for the sky, but livin on the ground

Drownin in the rain, cuz I’m poutin at the clouds, lactose intolerant but I was havin a cow!

My head stayed down, as I walked the streets, wondering, musing, pondering

I ignored the role call when they called on me, calmly feeling the numb they iced on me

So I made a plan- revenge.  My more words had more magic than stonehenge

All I had to was overdose ’em, go on and let ’em binge

I would steal their minds, since they took my heart, pretending to be friends!

Mario, where’s the checkpoint, I’m sick and tired of this mission


Fast forward a few years.  I’ve swapped in acid for my tears.

Tip back your head and drink, let it burn your think, maybe you will finally, see.  Me.

I’m a beast!!  Ate belle for breakfast.  … Then rang it, cuz I got restless

Dad on the other side.  Pulled my stress up.  Yeah he stayed home, but he might as well left us!!

Naked identity, but he never dressed us, starving for love, but he never fed us

And then there’s mom.  On an atomic level, I swear she’s the bomb

She’s like Mary, would never do Jesus wrong, she’ll breath the Gospel til Kingdom Come

And come what may, may her life be long, I’ll give her every penny if I can sell this song!

I hated my teen years.  Every milestone was two miles long!

I fell through the lily pads, cuz I had no knee pads, gasping almost drowning in the pond

Mentors told me it was time to move on, I said ludicrous, MOVE

Get out the way, the world hit me with four arms, now here’s my forearm

Better yet a firearm.  Shoot the opposition.  Mentors, God- I didn’t wanna listen

Got a girlfriend.  Broke my mama’s heart.  Clinging to my will almost tore my fam apart

Then God removed His hand, my plan crashed, went up in flames

2010, I’m in  YWAM, level one, new game


Flew in on grace… the atmosphere tasted like favor

Like red or grape, that kind of kool-aid is my favorite flavor

I was favored… to have some me time with my Savior

Made me over, made me new, I had forgotten He’s the maker

… I learned things… I learned a whole lot

Big kid on the playground now, I could RULE the sandlot

But my training wasn’t done, cuz I was tryna be the number one

But there’s only one, who’s done what He’s done, and His name aint Josh, no that’s the wrong son

Two weeks in He said to break up, testing to see if I’d pull my faith up

But God I’ll be the bad guy are you kidding me, all her little friends are gonna hate on me

Next I blink, and I’m in Haiti, strange as it seems, sweat and poverty saved me

Two months there, positively changed me, now go back home and do the same thing

He challenged me.  He told me that missions are everywhere.

I got back to the A, stepped off the plane, and the pains of re-entry struck me right in my face

Church schisms, family prisms, double sided livin, not too much forgivin

And before I knew it, I fell in the current, the mainstream life, be-came my deterrent…


6 months later.  Life was hell.  The latter half of 12, didn’t serve me well

So I fired em.  I turned 21.  Nature swag in motion.  Run forest run.

Things had changed, no thang the same, a whole different flame in my fireplace

Identity was hid in my pants because that is a private place

From then to now, I became a great poet, rockin stages, avalanche flowin

Snowin on my past in slow motion, seeee hoow I’m noo lonnger hopeless

From Clark Kent to Wordsmith, Superman off the farm

Han Solo so aint single, cuz He’s got a princess on his arm!!

The Sith done had they revenge, here comes the light, better cringe

Trekkies run for cover, this lightsaber aint ya lover

Shootin life, no time for rubbers, birds and bees is how I hover

And there’s never been another, not your father or your brother, HA

Enemy’s getting weezy, like an asthmatic Darth Va-der

That is cuz I run so fast, I outpace all my ha-ters

I strive to stay fly with God on High, as I walk in the sky

The Force is unleashed peeps, legacy in me,  I’m a freakin JEDI!!


-The Wordsmith


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