Where do dreams unrealized go, I often wonder…

What happens to thejoy that is swuelched by overwhelming dpression..

What kind of Heaven could there be that smiles at those in Hell, and

Loves people all through the before-life telling them that you wish them well..?

Where do the good thoughts go- the pure ones?

When you lust in you mind wherefore falls the righteousness of intellect that was displaced?

Strike a key on a guitar string, and pluck piano keys..

Changing the name of something doesn’t necessarily change it’s purpose… or does it?

Do you covet, or want it, or do you self-forbid

Because you’re afraid of some dark and mystical sin…

You might be correct.

Take it away from me…

Lock it up with my destiny…

This ability to see willingly the outcome of persevering, and foretasting teh sweetness of winning…

I don’t want it- not while I yet suffer.

What used to be my comforter is now strangling me beneath the covers.


~The Wordsmith


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