Love Pains

… you’re in my blood, in my bones… attached to every thought in my mind and overlooking every emotion… I’m rowin, down a stream and I don’t know how I got here, but when I’m without you I just stick my head in cuz I can’t breath anyway…. It’s hard to see clearly without you near, my ears hear falsely without your laugh to release freedom… You are my release to freedom, the crown of my kingdom, the epitome of true love’s sight when I’m not seein… When I’m seethin you are my anti-anger pill, and my will doesn’t know where to steer without you in the passenger seat.  I’m stuck in a feverish delight, but babygirl you put me on ice!  I love you, and it pours out of my pores, I don’t think I could possibly love you anymore because if I did then I would no longer exist.  The love you have drawn from me cracks the earth and rattles Heaven’s walls, and deep down I know that I need you.  Life tries to crush me, but you’re my anti-biotic, my straight jacket re-aligning me when I slip into psychotic… Baby I love you and I’m addicted, and there are neither words or metaphors enough to explain…. you are fire on my brain, I’m thinking flames, contemplating waves of searing hot love raising the dough of our affection and attraction into mysterious, potent, cupcakes… I LOVE you… and even my entranced eyes cannot describe the truth of what I am feeling inside…


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