Lighters (Remix)

Always in my mind, I have been an awesome Jedi
Flyin, walkin on the sky, wipin my haters with two-ply
They leave me on the roadside, singing this lullaby
With this lighter in my hand I will ignite the WHOLE sky
And with every note I, notarize the male I,
AM.  And you are powerless to stop me
Hold up a stop sign… watch me keep speedin
Show my dreams your starving face and watch me keep on eating!
Somebody’s gotta be king, might as well be me
Smile is the toothiest, throne for the gluteus
…. iron fist in a velvet glove….
…. Not tryna screw the world just give it a rub
But it rubbed me, dreams of genie, here I am, got mic spinning
When it stops, who am I kissing, with the magic, who am I gifting?
You kicked me down but imma rise like pheonix at the crack of dawn!
Now they gettin fussy cuz he’s buzzin what he’s lovin
Plus he’s pluckin buttons, thumpin, as he pulls em out the oven
Was it cuz he showed his lovin that they started breathin scary
Wary, very, cherry worried, were he married to the merging
Tyler Perry dairy milking every adversary
Furthering hurting like springers jump off on Jerry
Then they would have cause to fear, but he is original!
Redefined the game, keep your atari and nintendo!
BLAST from the MAST, the CRAFT is drowning FAST
The Wordsmith done squeezed the game, gave it a heart attack
All of you trying to halt me just STOP
Eiffel Tower’s apex… such a long drop
I’m stayin at the top, and there’s only room for one
Because I did, and though you tried to make me come undone
I shine like my Father with the power of the sun
I stay on cloud nine and bring the rain to EVERYone!

~The Wordsmith


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