The Problem of Irritation

God never really left a clue about what to do with irritation.

A little less than anger, but considerably more than “in bad spirits.”

Irritation is that bastard child of rage and bitterness that takes a shallow root that grows ever deeper, lest it is uprooted…

And the deeper it goes- the sweeter it gets..

And the sweeter it gets- the more you begin to resemble it like Olsens.

And God left nary a clue.

Do not murder!!

I can do that.

Do not commit adultery!!

I can do that too.

Do not covet!!

Done deal.

Each of the remaining seven are all geared up towards Heaven, and becoming saturated on holy satiation, but none of those explicit details gives the least bit of insight on how to deal with irritation.


That sly, cunning, shifting, slithering, dark entity burrowing from a dwelling of ignorance into your heart…

And it pains.

Idly threatening to consume, but at the same time, being all too real….

I guess…

I mean- I suppose…

Maybe God didn’t give rules on irritation…

Maybe I’m supposed to make my own.


~The Wordsmith


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