The sky accepts the emotional state of the clouds…
Pulling them into a loving embrace when they begin to weep.
The compassion between them is unrivaled, and each tear drop splash to the ground-
Is an extension of love… of comprehension.
Even when the sky feels stormy he defers to the whims of each nimbus drifting…
For he has acquired knowledge.
He has consulted with the sun, and discerned their general formation…
He has paced the stars with the moon, gleaning tips on high tides and what the water is sayin…
The sky has pursued wisdom until it cost him his color…
He absorbed more until he was blue in the face, but now he is another…
He applied his giftings and began interpreting the intricately simple singing from the trees..
The door to knowledge has unlocked itself, offering to set him free…
When is a sky not JUST a sky?
When it becomes MORE.
When it transforms into Heavenly stationary for the Lord to script His glory in golden letters too powerful for the mind alone…
When it becomes not just an encounter, but an EXPERIENCE.
Experts are hearing this, and believing the sky to be delirious, but he is not phased- neither furious nor curious…
For the sky now knows.
Caught in his gaze like a bride in a dress, he evokes over you a personal sense of your own wondrous beauty at its best- at all times.
And suddenly you forget that you were looking at the sky at all,
For the greatest gift is to make 2 inches feel like they’re 9 feet tall.

~The Wordsmith


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