I have given you chance after chance…

Time after time I have given you room to change flavor..

But you refuse.

Either you’re unwilling to, or you think you’re winning two…

Or you simply do not fit into change like a tidal wave in a swimming pool…

You see the depths of your own childhood lack and need-

Therefore… you don’t see me.

Please don’t make me hate you.

I am a child in addition to a man and as much as I would prefer to be-

I am not immune.

My biological systems do not operate in a vacuum-

I can’t just suck up your spiteful attitude without it hurting me too….

Please don’t make me hate you.

I have a yet flaming desire to be desired…

A yearning to be the son you never gave me the opportunity to become…

Yet you wage a war.

A cold one in the summer time, and nuclear hot in winter…

You have so many triggers- and there’s no safety.

When I make the aerial risk and leap into communication-

You are not there to catch me…

It’s affecting my siblings…

And you are wounding my mother.

Rapidly you decrease my choices on how to respond to you, but I beg you to find and choose another-

Please don’t make me hate you.


~The Wordsmith


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