Voice of Peace

It is incredibly imperative, to find your voice…

Your vocal I.D., your soulful thumbprint, the unique DNA of YOUR expression…

An expression is more than just a facial suggestion- it should be framed by reverence and both artfully and sincerely delivered like a reverend to a sermon.

Stick your hand into the cavity in your chest that is hurtin, and pull out the remedy.  Examine the slices in your life, and give me a piece of thee… For peace.

Peace is the perfect passionate posture, posed passively powerful, plainly palming people’s purpose pre-eminently.


Root to tree of all true desire, and the focal point of all true expression, for you see even though life may be storming around you, your voice of the matter is yet the eye of it…

Through the chaos, and waves raging and raving, you are a glow stick in its midst- a foreign object that belongs like an atheist’s Christmas gift, because the gift is the love no matter who gives it, and likewise your calm comes out of the storm no matter how it rages, giving peace to those who sip on what you’re saying, because your voice out of the eye of the storm provides them the strength to have only a two finger grip on the cliff-side of resolve, and keep.  On.  Hanging.


The body is a magical guitar string, plucked by what the mind picks to spring off of into relevancy…

All things matter, but there is not matter in all things.

Everything exists, but not everything is composed of something… Some of those internal things that you hold onto, you need to put behind you, and stop pigging out on it before you catch the swine flu..

It makes its lodging in your throat, distorting your voice, and changing your sound-

It causes you to doubt yourself and look around-

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but if you keep on imitating you’ll lose your own power like a wet battery-

Nevermind the hype.

Center yourself in the chaos.

Your story exists for the life that comes from it, and life was created to fill in the death deficits…

Without your true voice speaking, the world is rendered helpless against silence where there should be an uproar, and echoes where there should be original and true speech.

It is incredibly imperative, to find…




~The Wordsmith


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