Float On Love

I hold out my hands to mine love;
Locking eyes with my queen;
Extending my cup that has grown so dry….
And my cup runneth over;
She is the over-abundant satiation of my needs;
I can feel the heat.  Kelvins, Celsius, Degrees;
I aim to please- but I often miss the target…
I love, but my love takes me to the end- I can’t remember how I started…
I am but a man;
A warrior, passion’s avatar, demi-god, lover born of the sunlight into the night sky;
A heart that can be controlled is no heart at all;
The heart that can be tamed is that of the line of a lion;
A cage cannot keep my cells from crying out for you;
Celibate on selfishness, selling my old self to be able to settle with you;
I love you;
Can we fly away?;
Ambush a Disney movie and rise on a magic carpet?;
Spirit led into spirit fed, spiritedly flexing to fly fearless;
You make me a knight in gleaming armor;
An inhalation of love on the night wind;
I love you- and I cannot wait to see you again.
~The Wordsmith


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