Lean Into the Wind

For most of my life I tended to walk upright… Now I know that sounds fine, but the upright I speak of was stifling to my life.  My knees were locked… My breath restricted from holding my chest up… I obsessed over holding my best up, but with no flex from the toes to the neck up, my best was, simply- makeup.

I knew who God was, blinded to who He is personally, but my intelligence made me ME… I thought every opportunity was an open door because I could handle it… I thought every dark corner was no big deal because I could candle it… I was high off of my own fumes, and bloated from that purple juice… A cup full of purple rain made my prince of my day…

But it was too stiff of a lifestyle.  With everything weighing solely on me I HAD no life style… There was only the one way like a road sign, I signed my mind over like an old mime, giving away the rights to the gold mine, if I would simply relinquish all that WAS mine, and embrace the divine…

There is a sound that emanates from Heaven… A breath, a gust, an ethereal push along the lines of eternity… I spent so much time comprehending this divine breeze, that I never took the time to flow IN it… I spent the bulk of my life trying to define and stimulate my own facsimile and be free willy nily, that I fail to simply BASK in it… Instead I tried to basket it, and in the process became a basket case.  Flat on my face, in the midst of this race.

I slowly stood and realized that I need to begin again… I tuned my ears to the melodies of Heaven… and let my body move… I let the sound feel me- and began doing Heaven’s groove… I began to notice a change in my atmosphere… a change in my life… Bowling ball redemption- knocked down all my strikes… It became a second nature response to let the breeze have its way… Every second became forever, and eternity was confined to a moment and in this instant-

I simply lean into the wind…


~The Wordsmith


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