No Weapon

Satan’s squeezin til I uncle, but he bout to catch a knuckle

I chuckle when he says buckle, victory’s here, but it’s subtle

Amidst all his cheesin, Jesus be poppin off demons

The Gospel sowed life into the blood of the fishermen…. seamen

My soul recalls the Trinity, remember the Titans?

The ultimate Divinity, shock Zeus with his lightning

It’s a catch 22 when I break down in fear

The fear is real, but so is the Cross, so whom shall I fear?

Place me butt naked in the midst of the camp of the Enemy

Use your double edged swords to bi-laterally pierce me

Stone me til eyes expire, set my skin aflame

Torture me ruthlessly, order me to blaspheme His Name

JESUS, ask again and I’ll tell you the same

Your weapons blunt against His righteousness, You cannot keep Him caged

He rises up inside of me and shakes His lion mane

Jail my body if you want, but the Spirit cannot be tamed!


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