A Butterfly Emerges

I prayed so hard for the ability to fly, but never strengthened the muscles required to flap my wings…

I was burdened by the weight that my legs carried, carrying me from one end of the earth to another.

I have paced the scorching sands of a thousand deserts, and tread upon the water particles of a thousand seas, yet my bones ache.  They plead with me.

My cells raise an uproar of sterilized cacophony, clearly telling me positively that there is more to life for me… There is more than this sickened bliss…

And yes, it is true that daily I grow ever stronger, redirecting the lightning and palming the thunder, but I wonder… am I quietly tearing my world asunder?

By not accepting the mantle of the high calling for nervousness of falling have I somehow fallen into the deep?  Am I rolling in the dung of my own unwillingness to do what it takes to rise?

I have prayed… I have seen magnificent vision from the Lord, and have heard many of the secrets He has uttered.

My heart is laced with His creativity, and His genius permeates me at the point of my surrender and so I know-

I do have wings.

I’m just not moving them.

I worked so hard for the ability to get off the ground and purposefully purpose to walk in such, that I assumed all the work would be done for me…

That the reigning powers that be, would serve as a buoy up under me, surfing me along the tide of the time stream, constantly enlightening me, and all I need do is perceive……

That’s a false think.

The truth is… Yes flying is greater than walking…

But flying STILL requires work.


~The Wordsmith


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