So Hot

I want the hot coal.

I will burn myself a thousand times, if only to relive that brief pleaure of possessing something so wonderous.

A shining gem like Jericha, that makes the Jericho of self collapse to the ground…

This flaming coal is the only sound around.

It gives me a freedom I’ve never felt before, and when I approach it with tongs it speaks out of my own bones to grab ti with both hands… Possess it!!  Own it!!   Take it whoole!!

Why do I insist on burning myself?

… Because I’ve trained myself to milk on the pain.

More passion, pain, and pleasure than R. Kelly or Tre Songz-

I squeeze the love melody out of my wrongs…

I know that they do not belong…

I am a glacier in a tollbooth- not yet equipped for such heart…

But ooooooohhhhhhhhhh GOD you should see wha tthe heat does to me…..

Once I was freed.

Now I feel I am not…

… Why can’t I stop?

… THIS, is why I’m hot.


~The Wordsmith


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