Dum Dum (Remix)

When there’s an earthquake- I keep my feet steady

Weezing weighty lyrics- cuz I breathe heavy

When the sands move- I’m on the rock baby

Counter culture, Kingdom minded, all terrain like a Chevy

I skirt the rink the of skaters- my life is inline

They bleedin from the scraper- their aim is the sky

Buncha coffin haters, life, tryna get mine

They don’t know this love is free, I’m just tryna GIVE mine

A bunch of spongebobs- stackin crabby patties

Talkin nonsense- what is a catdaddy

But they wrap this gift, pin it on top of your list

Seein how deep they can dig, redefinin Christmas

They dancin on our toes, braggin bout how they ball

Nehemiah, Holy Ghost, rise up in me at this wall

In the flood, I’m levee tall, St. Nick, Peter, Paul

Glue to prevent Humpty’s fall, Jericho meet Joshua!


I never take the bait, so I don’t need a hook

Call me literary- I’m writin a  book

Words are in your noble barns- all up in the nook

But you two step from the Gospel, like the crowns and the rooks

Look at this Shepherd’s staff- I’m caught in the crook

You know what Jesus does?  He be caughtin crooks

I mean catching slaves.  I mean clearing drains.

Basically He sets us free because our freedom’s why He came

Let the beat go… Out your window…

Windex your soul… And give a peep show…

Let them look in, put their looks in…

Look again- and look again!

Imperfect human with tumors hidin’ from scrutiny

Nitro light these boosters and shoot into transparency

Right now it’s so light, but imagine how night it can be

If you forget how to light your candle for destiny


Chokin on them chocolate stems- tryna get a rush

Keep eatin m&ms, guarantee you’ll get no love

You so full of cheese- look like a stuffed crust

Doctor, Doctor!!  Gastric bypass- it is a must

I am a surgeon for pulmonary correction

Headin straight in for the heart of the body of the brethren

You bout four steps from greatness like the number 27

Do not blame God for lateness, if you never aimed for Heaven

Ya’ll think we dum, dum for servin this Jesus

But we a whole piece, Satan just left you in pieces

Now you bitter, like the sugar been stole from your Reese’s

Please accept, Romans 10:9, repent and believe it!

And despite the lights- don’t get awestruck

Ain’t got no Heaven or Hell for you- but God does

I’m on my green mushroom- I got the one up

Stained from the toes up.  All white.  Christ’s blood.


~The Wordsmith


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