Fly (remix)

Dear journal, better dear diary

Feelin Michellin, I am tiring

Old milk in the fridge I’m expiring

Workin for myself cuz no one’s hiring

What I desire is a full break through

Not another manager tellin me my break’s through

Dream is a window reality breaks through

And the drift in my drive is one the brake’s threw

I’ve got to believe in me

Achieve in me, cuz something is grieving me

Policing my mind for doubtful disorders

Snatchin the green card from thoughts that cross borders

What I am is royalty- sire

Fresh and verylintless- drier

Born under a star, like the Messiah

Birthed to make the earth glow- fire


Word to Minaj for the very next statement

I represent an entire generation

Racket to the pavement, we are not playin

Look us in the eyes, don’t send us to your agent

I am contorting, morphing

Optimus, Bumblebee, I am transforming

Narnia.  Aslan.  I am roaring

We need the Lord to reign.  Glory.  Pourin

These days peeps wanna do things they self

You’re considered an urban legend if you’re prayin for help

But what I’m posed to do?  I can’t reach the top shelf

The power to change is one greater than myself

So I will fight.  I will win.

I will pray, and I will live.

Use the Force, and walk on the sky

Cuz deep inside our hearts we are ALL Jedi


The Wordsmith


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