Rose City (Pasadena)

Excuse me, I rock it, I’m spaced, but I comet

Cleaning up the ring of dirt, and all the vomit

I promise I’m honest, but I’m just tired

Of people actin like Pasadena ain’t got no spark let me cut the wires

I’ve got to rep my roots, like a head with no dandruff

Against the opposition, yo we always always stand tough

On and off the camera, we stay photogenic

Photo geniuses given snap shots of health like a medical clinic

A city full of roses, no vase, but a bowl

The scent of my city is the sweetest thing I’ve ever known

I’m a special breed of awesome, so home grown

A light against the dark, yo, I got home glow

And even though I’m toilin, in these other cities

I know in my heart that, I carry ‘dena wit me

No other place can replace my city

No other place can replace my city

I’m busy crushing enemies, and realizing destinies

The recipe for maturity, includes the heat of the centuries

The spike of mercury, feels like mercury, its tryna merk me, its tryna burn me

But what I’ve learned, is that I’m stronger than hurting, I hate sweet food, I’m not desserting

I’m not deserving, of God’s grace and mercy, but I got it- like a school loan

Favor in my account, don’t gotta pay it back, everything God owns I own

Word to Chris Webb, I rep my God, my fam, and my city

Presenting a new view, like a cartoon, in a drive through, orderin fast food from Denny’s

Neo view on the trinity, the three,  somethin you ain’t neva heard before- get it?

I’m givin out free samples of truth, like the costco store- yeah

This is realer than your mirror picture, stabilize your inner drifter

Liberate your inner dreamer, free yourself cuz you’re a winner

I refuse to quit, I won’t surrender, unsheath my sword, I will speak with it

Thundercat beastin, cha ching, I change the world

Life hits me like lights on a stripper, but I just pole vault

I don’t get stuck in depression’s glue, I just moonwalk

From the Rose Bowl to Old Town, PCC to the Playhouse

Eaton Canyon to the race track, South Pas/North Pas shoutout

Los Robles, Fair Oaks, Green, and Colorado

Cal-Tech, JPL, I salute you, bravo

I can never come undone, cuz I know where I come from

‘Dena is the horizon, I’m shinin like the sun

Put down the drugs, put down the guns

Pasadena stand up, show em why you’re number 1

I’m standin on the waterfall watchin the water fall

Perfect time on the clock, watch me, I’ll never fall

Not on my own, but by the power of God

Not sayin that I’m perfect, just perfectly willing to try

We will never settle, refuse to just get by

Dreamers come take refuge our city lights

With our capes on our backs, and Pasadena in our veins

Born of a city of heroes, destined to world change

We will halt all attacks, drop assailants on their backs

We will make Hulk smash, look like china glass

Better cinch your sash fast, we exin men first class

It ain’t nothin for royalty, tell em Pasadena said that!

… No place can replace my city…

… No place can replace my city…

Every step I take, I’m takin ‘Dena wit me

Every where I go, I gotta rep my city


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