My life was like my music, keep Jesus on the down low

Make sure I had a smile, when it was a frown though

My trust, it wouldn’t be given, my lust, was in secret sinning

I rust, but I keep on breathing, so much, great need for freedom

You must see the mirror image of the dark slave inside

Of me, knowing that nothing is possible without God

Low key, is where I keep Him, far away from my locks

Cuz if I cut em loose, the world might cut me loose, they want it, but they’ll kill the truth in search for it

But to deny who I am in God, is death by slow poison

I’m called to be bold, that means I’m called to bring the noise in

Like a pot of oatmeal, I can’t stay frozen

If I’m walkin in faith, it’s gotta be in the open

I’m on my Blake Young, so young and CHOSEN

See me in the wind with divine ocean flow and

So intolerant, of silence, I’mma holler it

Screamin from the top of the mountain who my Father is!


Jesus, I need you, only aim is to please You

Creativity, wit, are just spectacles to see You

I know I can act feeble, but I really wanna beat back evil

I really wanna be yo steeple, staple, stable and able

With the crumbs from the Master’s table, I’ll feed the whole world

What You gave, I will give, You forgave, I’ll forgive

I won’t stop.  I can’t stop. You are God.  At the top.

You washed all, my stains off.  My sins You just drained off.

You gave me a dream, and sustained it through heat

I can stand here today because you gave belief

In the grave when the whole world had gravely believed

That the darkness had triumphed brought light to its knees

King Jesus arose out the grave holding me

We’re no longer entombed, but we embody free

I surrender right now, and cry out You’re Holy

At the end of the day without grace, where would I be


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